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Something which I wanted to mention in this post is how I feel not waiting until that money is needed, to start a side business. I joined Beautycounter at February 2016, the identical month I moved at my school job. I originally joined as a means to supplement to my lost earnings, and it had been. I just wish I’d have left it sooner!
As for me, August is the few years I will be working in my college district. After nearly five decades here, four of those part time, I will formally be staying home with my children full time, while still focusing on Beautycounter and freelance writing. I am both excited and anxious, but so thankful!

Why Not to Wait.
August is a big month for the family. One filled with adventures that are new + affects.

For People Who don’t understand my story, here is a bit of insight on my job deadline:
Moral of the story? When there is a business you’ve been wanting to start or combine, please do not wait until the need is there. Set up for creating a good foundation before leaping head or needing those fruits of your labour to show up overnight. If Beautycounter is the business that interests you, then I would love to talk and help you determine whether it is the perfect fit for you. Before joining Beautycounter, I was a disbeliever in home sales, and I can not shout it from the rooftops how beautiful this company 29, now. This isn’t a gimmick. I am just a normal woman who is currently working hard to help support her family. I’d like to be this mentor to assist you build a company to be proud of, whether that goal appears like $100 per month or a small spending money, or just even to pay income for example $ 2,000 per month, or more. Email me at jana.antil@gmail.com or learn more about the Beautycounter Business Opportunity here. Continue studying

  • I had been hired within my position (Assistant to the Public Information Office at a large school district) at December 2014.
  • I discovered out that I was pregnant about 2 weeks after I began!
  • I had Jack the next September, took twelve weeks off, and went back to work complete time at December 2015.
  • I chose after the vacations that I wanted to stay home, I spoke to my boss about leaving my job, was offered a part-time chance and instantly took it.

Jack will begin preschool for the first time this past month and we’re so pleased for him, because he’s really eager to go. As he says, “I will make friends and learn and have fun!” Yes you will, buddy!
This place has been for. My boss was the most rewarding mentor, and it came to my life in a time when I actually actually wanted it. What a boon today have been and I’m excited about the next step.
So although my period feels bittersweet, I am prepared. At this point in life I feel ready to try something that feels a little freeing, rather insecure. Due, everything worth getting has a hazard. With Jack beginning school, I will already be losing him 2 half-days a week and that I wasn’t prepared to also continue giving up to the next two full days.

Since February 2016, I  have split my occupation with a coworker who worked through Wednesdays, although I worked. Last fall, she took another job within our school district which match her schedule since we’ve been on the lookout for a complete time substitute, and much better. The reason I and her were able to divide our work is until I chose it, because she had been the employee in this position. She understood the workings of this job. It’d be challenging to job share with a new hire, and honestly, the occupation needs have changed since my December 2014 hire. My boss wants more occasion help (weekends and evenings ). More assistance than two people. I had been offered many times to the full time job, but I understood it wasn’t the ideal fit. This is a project it is tough to walk away from and I had worked so tough to earn, however, additionally, it has felt like a present put into my own life for a season. I ended up receiving a occupation for another four decades which aided support my family, and went in to quit. This was such an happy midst after stressing myself out into the maximum while pregnant, wondering whether I need to work or stay in your home. In addition, my mother-in-law watched my kids every Friday while my father watched them. It turned out to be a massive help and I will be eternally thankful!

As I say farewell to my occupation I am more than 3 1/2 years to my Beautycounter enterprise that brings me to now. In 2019I have made with Beautycounter than I did with my office task. If I would have waited to begin my negative business until today, when I wished to supplement, it’d feel overwhelming. Starting anything is tough, but especially when there is anticipation or a need strapped to it. When I joined Beautycounter I knew we would be fine as I went but I knew everything would be tight. I wanted liberty and spending cash, so I figured that I would give it a shot. Butthere was little to no expectation, which felt like stress on my own, gave me a while to mature, and I did not feel hurried to find my own voice. And, I ended up myself!

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