Sanitize with B-Sanitized (with a Discount Code)

Recently, we have been introduced into another product from the exact same store, the B-Sanitized Disinfectant Spray.

Families with young children or elderly relatives, who wish to keep the home as quickly as you can, especially during bouts of disorders, may find this a helpful product to get. It’s not unusual to hear of household members taking turns to drop sick after another, creating a seemingly endless cycle that is as worrying because it’s tiring. B-Sanitized is able to kill viruses, bacteria, viruses and molds (see here for its EPA Efficacy Kill List), helping prevent the spread of germs in the home.

2 Ways of Using B-Sanitized:

The interesting thing about the item is that it can be utilised in two distinct manners for slightly different functions.

Half-depress of activate –  A little quantity of B-Sanitized will be sprayed, enabling you to wash tiny surfaces like phones, keyboards and taps.

Full-depress of trigger – The lock-down of this cause allows the canister to fully dispense in a very fine mist, and also be used to completely fog/fumigate all exposed surfaces from the chosen room. When that is done, the recommendation is to leave the space for up to two hours , to allow of the mist droplets at the place where they can no longer be inhaled, to dissipate and drop to the ground.

B-Sanitized is designed to get rid of any germs present, however in addition, it leaves a fine residual antimicrobial coating that could last a couple of days, providing continuing security.

I will be sharing at a later post about our experience in using this product together using the above 2 approaches. In the meantime, Our Lifestyle Shop is supplying my readers a discount on this item!
For A Dollop of Me viewers, use promo code: corsage to buy 2 cans for $72 (savings of $7.80). Use one can to wash surfaces and another to get a room fumigate!

This deal is valid until 30 August 2014. Happy purchasing and cleaning!

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