Giving Your Gut Bugs Some Love – Let’s Talk Gut Health

“Gut Health” is one of those places where there’s a lot of confusion and doubt, and obviously this implies folks pushing fad diets ’ topic often seized upon it. While stated fad diet provides a great deal of the items, ironically enough.

Here’s some better information on the topic.


The subject of this guide is one I’ve been eager to write for quite some time ago, but wanted to wait until I really felt that I have done sufficient background reading into the region to distill down the science a bit for you guys. Before Christmas, I joined an exceptional webinar organised by Nutriwebinar all about the gut microbiome and gut health, which gave me the push and understanding to talk about what I learnt with you . I have been studying into this region for the last 18 weeks and still feel as though I have just scratched the surface, that will be largely because it’s still such a popular field of research, one that is evolving continuously. So, in this guide we will discuss the fundamentals concerning our intestine bugs, the way we can provide them the love they deserve, and that’s really essential for all aspects of our health.

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