Out with the Old, In with the New

2015 has arrived and before a lot it slips by, I wanted to discuss some ideas here, after having been away from the distance for so long. 

2014 was not a simple year both on the personal front as well as in overall, with exceptionally catastrophic disasters and atrocities happening across the world. I’ve found myself being deeply saddened, overwhelmed by despair, or submerged with a sense of loneliness. The struggle to discover reasons, answers, solutions have taken its toll and give into the most powerful currents, and instead many times enticed to overlook about constantly choosing the right and the good.
Happily, I have yet to be forsaken, and although no one person was in a position to be alongside me this entire trip, there have been many dear ones who have given me some time and also have listened to my heart. To those of youpersonally, I thank you, and seek your forgiveness without having shared of myself, not since I did not need to, but only because I somehow could not bring myself to do so. It’s been incredibly hard to share with myself and needless to say virtually none of this side has emerged on the site. This reticence on my part has produced a mark this season, and that I don’t really understand what to make of it. 
On this note, I have resolved to draw this site because it’s to a close. About shutting it down completely for weeks I have mulled. But, I have decided to keep it operating, for it’s been my sidekick for almost 10 years, and killing it might risk a part of me dying. For the time being, I will not attend any more media events, and shall no more do anymore sponsorships or testimonials.  I’ve been completely shite at reacting to site mails last calendar year, and it’s time I begin the new year by being clearer about what this space is going to be.  I would like to thank my entire site partners and sponsors in the past decades, for giving us pleasurable encounters that we largely wouldn’t have done independently. Many of these adventures are joyful memories in our hearts and minds. This blog will now just simply be a distance for me to say my arbitrary piece, unfettered by timelines and what-nots, such as (hopefully) my annoying perfectionist series.
From tomorrow (two Jan 2015)I am going to closing my entire life chapter of being a stay-home-mum, and will be back in the workforce. It was just one roller-coaster ride putting things in place to make it occur and coming into the conclusion. For now, live to tell my story, and hopefully I am going to roll it up. 
In this brand new year, I am hoping to continue to plug at my”Remove and Focus” slogan, to keep the big picture when working on the little items, and also to work at becoming healthy in mind, body and spirit to conduct life’s marathon.  
Thanks all for being a special part of my lifetime — and here is to a much better 2015 for everybody!

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