Plan for June 6-12

Well… I certainly did not get under 160 by May 30. My mom was in town for the week and this pulled off working-out schedule and my consumption. Things return to normal this week but for a reason – being a work week that I didn’t get back in the swing of things and using the holiday.

We are heading out of town for the weekend, so where my MIL is a complete cooking maniac, therefore starting any strategy now would be setting myself up for failure.

BUT… I..

Here is my thing with all the WW. I can not /won’t reside on vegetables and chicken breasts. Especially not having a husband in the home that enjoys to consume normal food.

I desire a plan which allows for various foods – carbs and candies included – however that can help me reach weight loss. The key is… I gotta track.

I don’t understand why tracking is such a pain in the bum… but it’s.

I typically track at my pc so I tend to forget that I can monitor directly in my mobile cell phone. Remember to use the phone.

My aim for this coming week (June 6-12) will be:

  • Track 7 times
  • Work-out 5 days
My work-out program is a brand new one… but I’m going to try it for a week and see what I believe.
Thus… my husband has up about 5:45/6. I shower get up then, and get the coffee going. It gives me 30 minutes – but hey, that is better than nothing. 
And after that, if we walk the puppies or work in the lawn at the evening its only bonus. 
What’s your plan this week??

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