Put on your Sunday’s best for this workout!

Oh boy I’ve got something special for you now!  Then let me get you up to speed if you overlooked a workout video that moved. Joanna Rohrback is a 61 year old from Florida who produced the Prancercise program back in 1989 which is about liberating ourselves in the exercise chains and called
a elastic, rhythmic means of moving ahead, very similar to a horse’s gait and ideally induced by elation
Strange but true. Horse’s gait. . .perhaps even a …
It had been virtually unknown until, with the support of social networking, it’s become one of the wacky workouts which have enthusiasts uploading their own”prancing workouts”. Unfortunately the majority of the attention appears to be cheap shots (I wonder why) but she does have some strong flaws in her book which talks about removing foods that will force us to crave more all the time and increase our appetites rather than satiating them.
I think that it’s cute and anything that gets people out moving and there is quite positive!

Just what do you think? You’ll lace up your sneakers for?


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