You Wouldn’t Give a Drug Addict a Cheat Day

I submitted this blog to the Huffington Post but for some reason that they chose they didn’t need to conduct it. Because it was written, I figured I might as well post it here for you guys to read. Whoever has followed me for a while will realize that it is very similar to an article that I made a while back. Just never you mind that. Read it with fresh eyes. Comment and let me know what you believe …


My name is Hank and I am an addict.

I am hooked on food and that I am of the opinion it is an addiction that is much harder to overcome than heroin. Now allow me to qualify that statement with the fact that I have been hooked on heroin and I am not trying to down play the seriousness of becoming addicted to a medication, especially in light of high profile drug associated deaths. In actuality, I’m attempting to attract attention to a concept that most people pass off as farce or absurd.

Being addicted to food is worse than being hooked on some drug like heroin since my body NEEDS food. I am able to t quit food cold turkey. I can’t detox.  The one thing that I can do is MANAGE my addiction.

And the only way to MANAGE it would be to fully embrace the concept that overcoming your addiction means changing how you think about food and also committing to living like you truly WANT to change.

In my heaviest weight, I had been around 360 pounds. It took me quite a long time to figure out I had been addicted to food and that I was slowly killing myself .   And allow ’therefore be honest here, many overweight people ARE addicted to food. My most and obesity everyone s obesity is because of uncontrolled consumption of meals. Period. Like it is with drugs, and overdosing on food isn ’ t a quick departure. It is a debilitating, slow, long and bankrupting departure. I woke up one day and realized that the only means to control my addiction was supposed to manage what I put in my mouth. I set a daily calorie limit and started restricting calories.   When I began running out of calories before the end of the day, I began researching foods which were lower in calories but higher in nutrition. It is not surprising that lean protein and more vegetables became the staples of the dietplan. French fries, pizza and grossly processed “ meals ” items became less widespread and less in my daily diet. I began to shed weight and two and a half years afterwards had dropped 100 pounds and and managed to reveal medically (during blood work and physical) that I had improved my health by leaps and bounds.

But I am still hooked on food as much as ANY recovered enthusiast is addicted but handling.

Let me make this article even more contentious …

Would you ever consider telling a drug addict that it would be okay for them to have a cheat day? A day in which they had been permitted to perform drugs they desired. No? How about offering them only one cheat high? Not a full day only 1 fix, of drug usage. For those who will, A cheat “ meal ”.   That would be ridiculous? By Giving a drug addict a day to Return to their old methods, every effort to assist them conquer their problem would be ruined.   Why should ANYONE who is overweight because of their food addiction be allowed a day to cheat on their recovery?

“Cheat” days or dishes for an overweight individual are a sign that someone doesn’t really need to change themselves. They have not set aside their self to get their self.   I am reminded of a passage from the Bible (I hope that you don’t rush off just because I’m quoting the Bible here) that states that once you decide to live for Christ you are a new person and the old ways have died.   You don’t have to be more Joel Osteen to realize that the idea may be related across lines. As Soon as You Choose to change, subsequently shed your old ways and never return.   I did not want to be fat.   So for me to change that, I needed to die to what led me completely embrace my new way of life that included thinking differently about meals and to become overweight.

I should eat to live, not live to eat.

Should I live by this principle then I must worry about putting food into my body that will nurture me and promote well-being and health.   You’ll be attractive if you look at meals together with these eyes then the things that used to tempt.   A treat will appear satisfying, but maybe not some experience that defines you and also completes you.

You need to know that unhealthy foods is a slow poison. A medication. It’s imperative that you realize that.

The eventuality, if you can maintain the head set, is that you will lose the pounds and you will get healthy.   And through you will have adopted a healthy lifestyle which can help you maintain a wholesome way of life and a healthy weight.

Don’t allow yourself. Empower yourself.

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