This Is Why You Need To Stop Eating Hot Dogs

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So, quit eating hot dogs!


Chicken frankfurters are healthier

The dog is very unhealthy, Even Though It seems tempting in this picture
Effect of the production of fat
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Are not organic
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They are filled with nitrates and nitrites and additives to prolong the shelf life of these foods. Higher intake of sodium nitrate is associated with a greater chance of getting cancer.


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All kinds of dogs really are filled with fat and salt. There is no something to be regarded a dog that is healthy, not only because they enter considerable quantities of sodium, although because they are fattening.

In the event you go hot dogs since you have fat, you’re right, but you definitely have to be cautious, because manufacturers instead of fat in dogs include salt. By way of instance, turkey hot dogs using two grams of 99 calories and fat, however, they have 500 milligrams of salt, and poultry up to 600 milligrams . Even if you include mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise, then the sum of salt that is ingested remains raising.
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Total of additives
Dogs aren’t something advocated by a nutritionist as they have a good deal of calories. In combination with rolls, then add an additional 100 calories to be directly converted to fat in your gut.

Do you like to eat a hot dog with lots of ketchup and mustard? Your body is not good with it, although it might be liked by you. Why? See your body and wellness affects.
Full of nitrates

They frequently develop listeria bacteria, which leads to the introduction of infection listeriosis. This disease may lead to miscarriage and many other serious health problems.

Are great for pregnant women

It is tricky to discover hot dogs made ​​of organically raised animal meat that didn’t get hormones or antibiotics.

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