Resting the digestive system

Detox to Allow the digestive system rest

Starting weight: 78kg
Fat: 26 Percent

Basic stuffs:

  1. Drink a Lot of water
  2. Eat organic fruits when possible. 

  3. For tea and coffee, choose minus sugar

Day 1: It’s a fruit day. Water material fruits are focused on by some people. I called it the day you simply eat all sorts of melons.

  • Bought a water melon, stone melon and honey dew. Believing I am able to finish each of these in one day.
  • Feasted that the entire afternoon on rock melon. 
  • What else did I do?
    • Can a 5km run either in the afternoon and evening.
    • Had a horizontal white in the day.
    • Had a homemade tofu in my mother in law’s place.

Day 2: Now you ought to be eating any kind of leafy vegetables with no petroleum or anything else whatsoever.
  • Bought seedless black berries in the afternoon. Ate all these blossoms in the moment.
  • Had egg salad . Bear in mind, you must tell them to place salad sauce. 
  • I had two or even three apples in between. Cannot remember what’s the actual number of apples that I took.
  • What else did I do?
    • Had a cup of soya milk and soft bean curd on your breakfast.
    • Did a 5km run from the day.
    • Had coffee together with my egg salad.
    • Had dinner in my mother in law’s position. Couldn’t resist her cooking. Had vegetables, homemade 1 plus carrot large bowls of wheat rice. That means, I ate most. 
Day 3: Today you should be eating both vegetables and fruits.
  • Had half a honeydew for breakfast.
  • Steak was cooked vegetables and chopped salmon sashimi. No option since I needed to attend an event.
  • Ate plenty of apples and pears in between.
  • Had an apple for dinner
  • What else did I do?
    • Had a tall Americano at the morning, Mocha in the day along with a Latte in the evening
    • Had Sushi salad Sushi Tei
Day 4: Today you must be eating bananas and drink 3 cups of milk

  • Had the other half of this honeydew for breakfast.
  • Had another apple plus a tall latte.
    • I had two apples during the afternoon
    • Steak was lettuce and vegetables
    • I needed a mocha at the evening
    • Neighbour passed me a bowl of curry fish head. Ate the veggies and some fish

Day 5: Today you need to be eating six and beef berries. , I didn’t eat my banana. So now, I am going to do it. I hate tomatoes.

  • Breakfast was just one apple. 
  • Once I reached office, I had a banana and 500ml of all soya protein shake.
  • In the whole day, I had 6 bananas.
  • And also a Little curry chicken and veggies. Left over by spouse dinner. Haha…
  • Day 6: Today diet ought to be an increased of protein and vegetables.
    • I had a banana for breakfast.
    • At the middle morning, I had a plate of tao pok, cabbage and lots of tou fu.
    • Feast a big bunch of grapes.
    • Dinner was a plate of omelette with sausage and poultry meat.
      • Did 30 mins of aerobic exercise.
    Day 1: Now diet needs to be an increased of protein and vegetables.
  • At the mid morning, I had the Starbuck eggwhite roll with black coffee. I did not consume the wrapping.
  • One other banana and an apple .
  • Praise was just another banana and a bit of pan-fried Salmon steak.
    • Had a level white with my kids at Starbucks. They had babycuino.
    • Was feasting on grapes throughout the day.

    Weight: nevertheless the Exact Same really
    Fat: 24 percent

    But tummy is definitely flatter today. May continue that diet for another seven days. Feeling is fantastic. Energetic. Bear in mind, this diet’s aim is to allow the digestive system to rest. I’m doing this because of the periods that I had gone through. Christmas, New Year followed by New Year. Feasting too much of food.

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