Getting Back To It

Thursday’s stats:
Points: 45/26
Activity points earned: 0
So yesterday was somewhat high. Hubby and I had trouble. And I drank wine. 
Oh and last time I was in Europe I picked up a Bounty bar – my treasured European candy bar. I ate two pieces. Which turned out to be 7 factors. What the what?! Lesson learned. Stick to a single part;o-RRB- 
I am focusing on getting my monitoring game on point at this time and will put in in exercise weekly. 1 thing at a time… 
I ordered Zumba – which I’m super excited to attempt. So I’m prepared to give it whirl, I’ve taken this as a class but not done it. 
Apart from trying to get back on track, what have I been up to??
Getting settled at the new house… It is coming along. A lot of our big jobs (for this year) are performed but today we need to decorate. On a financial institution. 
Travel a little … Since July we’ve been to Italy, Slovenia, Ireland and Belgium. All were all astonishing. Ireland was my favorite.  . . We got a puppy! Meet Virgil. 

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