What I Learned By Being Sick: Kyle’s Healing Story

Gut Healing Success: Kyle's Story

The most remarkable thing about SCD is that it seems to work for just about everybody.

But not since it’s the magic holy grail of diets (although that will be cool!)

It’s because SCD takes people back to basics so they can construct a customized diet that is suitable for them.

(In actuality, we have taken customizing the diet one step farther than SCD using all our Solving Leaky Gut app .)

See, success on SCD isn’t just about what you do or don’t consume – it’s also about:

  • Learning How to hear a own body
  • expecting your wisdom
  • and understanding how to manage stress so You can learn the mental side of recovery also

That is why I am sharing Kyle’s story with you today – Kyle is an absolute warrior who overcame a lifelong struggle with constipation and a severe case of SIBO with SCD.

But beyond after the diet, Kyle discovered that to really heal she would need to have a leap of faith, get back in contact with her body, and recognize some tough truths about overtraining in her entire life.

I’m honored Kyle was willing to talk about her story – I understand that will resonate together as profoundly as it did with me.

Here is her story in her own words…

[Input Kyle]

After subsequent SCD for close to a year, I still need all to understand this diet worksout. Flat out, it just does. But, the things I told me moved far beyond what I ever imagined any diet would.

SIBO Is Personal

Just as no two humans are alike, no two instances of SIBO would be the exact same. There isn’t a”one way” to get rid of SIBO, possibly.

Yes, there’s a protocol. However, at a certain point, it requires more than simply changing your diet to allow one to get better.

SIBO will cause you to i.e.”induce one,” to face and change everything your body is just plain unhappy about. The bacteria feed on glucose yes, but they feed on anxiety, worry, fear, and generally the absence of control.

The Mental Side of SIBO

There is a really real physical facet of SIBO – symptoms like pain and bloating. Then there’s the other the mental side of things since I prefer to call it.

I discovered early that SIBO has a +/- 50% success rate. I’ll buy that since it’s that 50% of the side you have to fix together with the other symptoms that you have. That is what makes healing SIBO extraordinarily hard.

I’m not being negative, in actuality, far from it! Even , I can safely say overcoming SIBO is. Or will be, because I’m still not 100% yet.

However, SIBO and the SCD Lifestyle team probably saved my own life. Sound dramatic? But after coming from the side, it’s tough not to be somewhat emotional about it.

It Launched as Constipation

In my 20s, my physician explained that the on/off constipation I had was Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). He advised me to consume more fiber and also gave me a muscle relaxant. (Almost foolish given what I know now!)

20 decades after, I was struggling. The muscle relaxant was not working for me at all, and also the constipation was so severe I felt and looked as if I was 9 weeks pregnant.

Even though I felt like I was eating”great,” I was bloated, miserable and removed off. I worked out every day and ate lots of roughage, but nothing alleviated the signs.

Oh, and that I should mentionI was also extremely stressed out with almost every part of my own life. All ideas were dominated by fears over relationships, cash and work, except when I had been fretting about my deteriorating health.

Then, a Routine Procedure Pushed Me On the Edge

A routine colonoscopy changed my lifelong constipation diagnosis into another person: full blown SIBO (small intestine bacterial vaginosis ).

After the colonoscopy, the symptoms I had been experiencing for many years got much worse. A few months afterwards, and that I was struggling with:

  • Near constant appetite (no matter how much or little I wore )
  • a hollow feeling in my stomach
  • intense pain
  • mind fog and fuzziness
  • zero concentration
  • endless constipation

And of course, there was the massive stress made even worse by the bodily symptoms I had!

FirstI Tried Standard SIBO Treatments

My GI doctor urged a breath test to confirm SIBO. Outcomes came straight off the graphs favorable for SIBO – methane dominant (the type more commonly related to constipation). It was. Require Rifaximin for 2 weeks and simmer, you’ll be treated.

I never felt as bad as I did in the 9 days that I took this medication. (Couldn’t last any longer). Every SIBO symptom Affect ! With my GP about SIBO, I put about learning every single thing that I could on it on my own.

Afterward, I chased My Health Into My Own Hands

I had been obsessed with exploring SIBO. Although I read countless articles, the ideal thing in all my research which I discovered was that the SCD Life site.

At this time, someone understood! Plus they made feel! Steve and jordan appeared to have the ability to communicate like none besides the ways SIBO can manifest in folks.

I found a Naturopath to operate with. She embraced the SCD Lifestyle site and enjoys it. Working in conjunction with has certainly helped.

Offering SCD a Try

I followed the SCD diet to the letter. I had been that I might have cared less if somebody said I had to eat snakes daily, I’d have done it!

I followed closely SCD religiously for 3 weeks – and promptly lost 15 pounds (not great for me since I was thin to start with). However, the sensation of”hollowness” in my stomach had mostly gone away, and for the very first time in 20 years, I wasn’t constipated.

Unfortunately, new problems were developing: I was left with dreadful dehydration, fatigue, waking severe cramps, and a massive fear of literally being away from my house.

I had been going in the ideal path, but I wasn’t there yet.

Customizing SCD to Work for Me

I asked for help by sending an email to SCD Lifestyle’s support staff. I got you will wind up at the hospital, if you don’t start eating more carbs. And when you believed the pain of SIBO was awful, you don’t have any idea how terrible that this will be!

It struck home, however I was terrified of eating carbs. They advised me push through the SIBO pain. I was hospital because if I lost any weight.

So I began to eat white rice. Definitely NOT about the list. However, SCD Lifestyle gave me the guts. I guess what nothing, and did so! A ton of fat and no SIBO flare, with and also no more bloated stomach a few carbs, I began to gain weight back.

This is a huge turning point for me. Following the diet is one thing, but it’s much more important to comprehend that body that is YOUR may well want something else. I had to trust myself and get over my anxiety about tweaking the diet plan.

Letting the SCD to function for my body was crucial for me. The 3 points along with that below made me all the difference.

3 Things That Helped Me Heal

  1. Research Everything! I had numerous distinct symptoms going on, once I tried to describe this to my doctor, I’d say a few things, but miss other people, and it was not giving her a complete image. I began researching my symptoms. Some things weren’t correct, and that I knew it. However, no one understands like you’re doing, how you feel inside! So while I had to take much with a grain of saltI also did come across things that seemed to make sense as to how my body was feeling, and reacting.
  2. Testing And More Testing! My biggest difficulty was learning to control stress. However, I knew there were other difficulties that were bodily. I worked together with my naturopath into order lots of tests: thyroid levels, ” the DUTCH Adrenal test (fabulous!) Along with the NutraEval test (amazing). All the evaluations in combination gave me and my naturopath a comprehension in regards to what went on inside, and also what nutrients missed for me. From there, my doctor and I could begin really zeroing in on supplements that could encourage what my body has been craving and moving away from the SIBO protocols that are basic.
  3. Don’t Neglect The Mental Side (Notably Self-Sabotaging). Jordan wrote a lot about the mental part of recovery in the eBook, however what really hit home for me was self-sabotage. I have not cheated on the diet , but boy have anxiety events were caused by me for no clear reason. Impact? I’d be doing good, no SIBO symptoms, and then,”something” could happen to derail it and that I would need to begin all over again. I finally realized it was me! Subconsciously, I realized I had been controlling the strain about me. No one wishes to give you anxiety then lol! Knowing that and breaking loose from it was the hardest thing I needed to perform. Sticking to a diet wasn’t.

My Recovery Journey

In the long run, making and understanding both your body and mental health happy will be the travel recovery (out of SIBO or whatever else) compels you to take.

No one would like to be ill, but at a bizarre way, it’s only your body’s mechanism to get self-preservation. And as I discovered listening to what your body is telling you it needs are the cure for SIBO and your happiness.

[Enter Jordan]

I want to commend Kyle – and everyone out there who nodded their thoughts while they see this – to be so honest and vulnerable.

Healing is not always black and white. It isn’t always about”eat that, maybe not that.” It’s a journey of discovery – but one that contributes to health, joy, and peace.

If you want to get started on your own recovery journey, I trust you will pick up our eBook such as Kyle did – or take a look at our latest, most comprehensive class that builds on the assumptions of SCD that will assist you cure even quicker – Solving Leaky Gut.

– Jordan

P.S. – What are you learning along your healing journey? We’d really like to hear from you in the comments section.

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