Mint Museum of Toys

I wrote about going to the Mint Museum of Toys on my day out, also thought to share some photos of everything I saw in the museum.

For memory lane walks down, this museum is well worth a 30-40 second trip. As the toys and memorabilia are encased in glass units, I wouldn’t suggest it for young kids however – there is not anything to touch or to socialize with. The glass casings (which were slightly grimy in certain areas ), along with the light made photography a significant struggle, and I consequently snapped photos with the aim of showing them to my children, without the extra effort to find perfect shots.

Below are some of the displays that captured my eye, if they jog memories to you see!
The short visit was pleasurable, and the notion of being in my own felt when I realised I was the only seller throughout the time magnified. (It had been slightly spooky initially, to be in darkened chambers with dolls staring down!) However, the delightful experience of being in a position to take my moment to read that on the write-ups and look carefully at the displays likely did present for me a rose-tinted perspective of the area, as any location could, given the circumstance.

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