Everyone is chasing Low Carb High Fat diet

Nowadays, if you’ve got friends that are health enthusiast, then you will hear something such as”Low Carb High Fat” diet plan or”Keto Diet” or anything it may be.

To me, dieting is very temporary. Transforming how you eat and forming good habits are permanent. We need to understand that which we want to accomplish in the new habit. Everyone speaks about I wish to eliminate weight. I always question them. What actually are you trying to shed? The typical answer is I want to lose weight. However, do you understand weight is just a number. The question I could ask again is that. What exactly are you trying to lose? This is a very fundamental question. If we do not get this right, we’ll be doing this wrong. Let’s look at this.

There are three things which we’re able to shed when we wish to get rid of weight.

1) Fats
2) Fluid or water
3) Body mass like bones or muscles.

Slimming Fat

That is exactly what everyone wants to perform. I would like to shed fat. So my next question is. Which part? Overall body stomach or fat? Because the strategy to reduce body fat and tummy fat is quite different.

Losing overall body fat

Let’s discuss overall body fat. Losing total body weight is easy. Should we utilize the 80/20 rules, then you just need 20% effort to accomplish this 80% outcome. How? Cut your calories consumption. Exercise. Increase your saturated fat consumption like Omega 3 and decrease Omega 6/9 consumption. Cut your carb (which gives you blood glucose ) to control the release of insulin and increase your protein intake. Wow… magic will take place. You’re going to begin shrinking. You will see you will start wearing your old shirts again. Old pants again and etc.. . The strategy to reduce shirt size is to lose body weight. I’ve a friend who had a health requirement. He was overweight. Everything he did was straight ahead. He started jogging 5km to 10km a day or another day. He started to reduce his fat intake (although I don’t recommend). He started to eat brown rice (because everyone said it’s good) and etc.. . In 6 months, he had shrunk tremendously. His cholesterol level was normalised and everybody who knows him was just like wow!!!

I had a meal with him another day. Although he conducts daily or every other day (I can see it from his Strava ), his exercise level had plateau. He said that he want to lose more… So I asked him what do you really need to use? Ending up we had a three hour lunch…  Obviously business conversation is one of those subjects.

Losing visceral fat

You  may have lost overall body fat, so you might not have missed your visceral fat. This is what we call skinny fat. You seem skinny but really, you’re fat . This is called the deep fat wrap your major organs. To lose this fat is not the same ball game.

To eliminate this fat, then you need to have new habits. Stick to it and then take it slowly. The very first indication of visceral fat is stomach fat. If you may diminish your tummy fat, you will be decreasing visceral fat in the body. Tummy fat is influenced by both adrenaline and insulin from our body. I don’t need to go into the details. In summary, insulin tells the muscle, liver and fat cells to consume blood glucose to ensure that our blood sugar level in the entire human body is normalised. As a result of this function, it educates your body to stop burning off its fat stores and instead, consume some of the fatty acids and glucose in blood and turn them into body fat. So remember this. The insulin you’ve flowing into your blood, then more fat will be fabricated within your body. So this is something which that you do not want.

Let us discuss this hormone called Adrenaline. Adrenaline is a hormone secreted by the Adrenal glands. It’s called the flight and fight hormone because it is created when we’re excited or when we’re under pressure or we’re in an intense dangerous circumstance. This hormone is secreted for us ready to save ourselves from a dangerous situation. Our blood flow increases, our breathing becomes more rapid  and also our heart beats quicker.  Our muscles contracted. We’re getting ready to sprint out of a dangerous situation.

When we always in a pressure environment, we’ll begin experiencing adrenal exhaustion. That means we will feel sleepy when we wake up. We are in need of coffee or any powerful carbonated things to kick start our day. We are addicted to sweet things. If you like to eat sweet stuff, this is also a symptom of somebody having adrenal associated matter. This in turn spike the insulin level in the body. That means cannot get rid of fat.

Let us talk about a second hormone called Cortisol. Adrenaline is linked to cardiovascular and Cortisol is connected to fat cells, including liver and pancreas. When Cortisol is published, it raises the glucose levels within the body and get it ready for the body to use. It stop other systems such as digestion and immune system from working properly. And increase in sugar levels also mean there’ll be an increase glucose levels. An increase in blood sugar levels means there’ll be an increase insulin also. This also means that your body cannot burn fat. The accumulation of extra calories due to eating more than you need coupled with stress hormones flowing around, this is where you get started accumulating visceral fat or belly fat.

Actually to get rid of tummy fat is straight ahead, yet to form the habit to shed it’s difficult to many folks.

1) Lead a simpler life. Leading a simpler life means that it reduces stress. The less stress you’ve got, the less stress-related hormones you’ve flowing inside the human body. I know this is hard. It is your choice. Request yourself. Do you want to stay informed about your neighbors? Or ??? The less pressure you have, the more you will be.
2) Control your totally absolutely free flow of insulin your system. Anything that is free flow is poor. The same as buffet, free flow of soft drinks. Now that is a killer. Production of insulin is all about the degree of blood sugar in the human body. If we reduce the blood sugar levels, we reduce the insulin required in the body. Cut the carbohydrate to nearly as small as possible. Increase fat consumption and both protein. Protein will still spike insulin but not a whole lot. Fat does really not spike insulin (I am simplifying it) because it doesn’t increase blood glucose level. Therefore that it makes sense we ought to consume more fat, moderate protein and low to zero carb. However, it’s still true that you must eat your vegetables such as those who have leaves and flowers. Nothing below the soil.
3) Exercise is vital to shed tummy fat but just relaxing exercise helps. Should you do interval or VO2 Max kind of exercise, you will lose overall body fat but no that stomach fat. The best way to lose tummy fat is to have a walk. Walk quicker than your regular walking speed but slower than your jogging pace. Walk at least an hour not counting on the amount of steps and you’ll see tremendous results. If you do it daily, you will understand your gut becoming smaller and smaller.

In my next post, I will talk about stage 2 and 3. That is losing muscle and water density and vice versa.

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